The cat of Schrödinger street

Japan, 1965. The Okinawa islands complex.

A sudden announcement on the morning music radio program and the cat of Schrödinger street leaves the house’s living room, frantically charging to unknown direction.

The ten-year-old Henri rushes in a worry to seize his usually calm pet, realizing soon that this sudden frenzy is due to something more serious than an eccentricity or a caprice.

And that a deeply rooted mystery awaits to be resolved by a competent and unstoppable detective…

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I leave the radio buzzing with the talk of the broadcasters, slip by the open door and start chasing him. There must be something terrible going on and I must find out. Schrödinger is usually a calm slacker, but now he seems so nervous as if his fur was on fire because of the heat!

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A small creature stood on my wooden little bed and observed me from above, with eyes glowing in the dark. The moonlight entering from the open window made it look like a ghost.
But it was only a white cat.


The white cat yawns and looks at me with his two different eyes. And while thinking that if he had two blue eyes or two yellow ones, he would be less beautiful than he is right now, I switch on the radio to listen to the program of the only station broadcasting across our islands.


William Marcuse

William Marcuse is an author that has to consider all the meows, caprices and visions of a special white cat involved in a series of adventures and unusual secrets.

In his free time, he creates for his facebook/Instagram accounts, interesting contests for all those visitors who wouldn’t say no to an intriguing challenge.

A Story About..


Islands of the Pacific and veteran Marines, facts of Second World War and memories,


an unusual mission and a mystery that just starts to unfold to its real dimension,


a cat that promises charming troubles to anyone that accepts the challenge to follow him.